Why on Earth would I want to get a CWP (and have my name attached to a database as a “gun” person) if it is already legal to carry concealed in AZ?!?!?!

Here are 5 important and quick reasons (NOT in any particular order):

1 – You can carry in 35 STATES when you travel.

2 – Retail purchasing is EASIER.

3 – Can carry in RESTAURANTS that serve alcohol.

4 – Up to date KNOWLEDGE of the law.


Let’s dig into this a bit deeper, shall we?

1) You can carry in 35 other states when you travel.   While you are in Arizona you are invited to participate and actively exercise your Constitutionally guaranteed right to bear your arms – concealed or open (in most places).  But when you travel you better have a CCW and the current knowledge of the law in the state you are in.  When you obtain your AZ CCW you may cross state borders without disarming yourself.

2) Retail purchasing is easier.   Since you must pass a Federal background check when you apply for your AZ CCW, it is redundant to keep doing it while you purchase a firearm in AZ.  The process is that you pick your purchase, plunk down your cash, ID, and CCW and fill out the Form 4473 and you get to leave with your new retail purchase.

3) Can carry in restaurant that serves alcohol.   In AZ, when you get your CCW, the state knows that you have been background checked by the FBI and are not a crazy person with felony convictions.  As such, you are trusted to carry in restaurants that allow it that also serve alcohol – you still cannot imbibe, but you can take your family to dinner.

4) Up to date knowledge of the law.   You must prove yourself to be knowledgeable and understand the laws in AZ.  Many of our clients ‘audit’ my classes by attending with their wives and claim to ‘know everything because they are gun guys’ already.  At the end of the class I regularly complimented with many thank you’s for educating them on the many  “misdemeanors and felonies I had no idea I had been committing.”  We also offer a CCW Tune-up / Renewal class to get you up to speed on the current laws of the day when you renew in 5 years.

5) You can get legal insurance.   This is new, yet vitally important.  Insurance companies are popping up all over the place these days now that the data is in on CCW permitted folks.  It turns out that CCW folks nationwide are of the most law-abiding and safest individuals in the actuaries in almost every category.  As such, these new companies are selling ‘legal insurance’ to help fund your legal expenses should you ever use your gun in life and need help with expert legal advice from attorneys who are gunists themselves. Not many people have the (potentially) hundreds of thousands of dollars just sitting in a checking account ready to defend your situation.  The policies vary and so do their associated costs, but the one common requirement to obtain it is you must be a CCW holder.