If you wonder where my topics come from, they are usually inspired by a conversation or three.  First time I take note, second one I take notes, and the third time – that’s the charm.

I believe the “Wasp Spray Alternative” theory (myth) has made it completely around the internet, suggesting to billions that using this will work so much better than pepper spray, or gasp, a gun for self-defense.

I will stay off the gun thing for now because this question usually comes up as an ‘alterntive’ defense choice in class and consultations, and we do talk (at length) about alts during Defensive Handgun 1 / CCW at Apex Arms.

The email or FB claim usually says things like, ‘a cop suggested,’ or ‘it sprays easier,’ or ‘it’s legal where pepperspray isn’t.

OK, let’s blast through those common comments:
1) If a cop actually did suggest this, I suspect he meant that something would be better than nothing – or they heard it wrong – or it was made up by the wasp spray ad folks.
2) It sprays. So does pepper – they all seem to have a different pattern… So, test your pepper spray and find out about its particular spray pattern and range and keep shopping till you find one that you like.
3) It is legal – to spray wasps!

But wait, there’s more:
1) The toxic bug killer (pyrethrum) is designed to kill insects and is not meant to be spraying people.  It may sound strange, but using a toxic chemical like this may get you in a lot more legal trouble from trying to poison your attacker.  Pepper spray is derived from peppers and is widely known to cause temporary incapacitation and is legally defensible – ever see a cop carrying wasp spray?
2) Bug spray, while I am quite sure would be very uncomfortable sprayed into my eyes, will not involuntarily inflame the mucous membranes in my head and make me feel like my head is on fire – like pepper spray does.
3) You aren’t really saving anything.  They are both cash and carry items in most places for under $5-$15.  The larger bear spray is only more expensive because they put more of it into a bigger can.  The problem is, if you aren’t getting good advice on protecting yourself the money you save here could cost you legal fees and much worse personally.  What is your life worth?

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999“]”You need both – wasp spray to kill little annoying bugs and something better proven for violent attackers. [/quote]

While I am NOT an attorney, at Apex Arms we advise people to trust methods that work.

Methods we like the most include and are not limited to:
1) Personal Awareness!  Keep your head up and on a swivel and looking for the ‘not quite right.’
2) Pepper spray, OC, bear spray is bigger but the same.  Watch the expiration date and, by the way, these make great stocking stuffers for the whole family.  Like we say around here, “What more says ‘I love you’ than giving the gift of personal safety?”
3) Batons, knives, flashlights, and impact weapons.  Anything you have in your hands is better than empty hands unless you are highly trained with your empty hands.  I am never far away from my favorite ball point pen, which is actually a ‘tactical’ type.  Flashlights over 200 lumens, modern pocketknives, objects within reach, etc. are all better than nothing and are very common and handy things to have around for lots of stuff.
4) Ok, sorry, I can’t NOT say it – a gun.  Everything above works, but nothing equalizes a victim with a violent attacker more readily or quickly than a firearm.

Conclusion:  You need both – wasp spray to kill little annoying bugs and something better proven for violent attackers.

See you on the range.

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