This is NOT a coffee and donuts cash-for-a-cert seminar in some motel!  It is a real class, in a real classroom, with lots of content, and actual range time.  If you already know how to shoot or if you are new to defensive handguns, this class is unlike any other in western Arizona.

This class combines personal protection and basic pistol classes and adds defensive theory and mindset to begin the basics of shooting defensively.  This class concentrates on the reality of actually carrying of a gun on a regular basis and is taught by NRA certified instructors who actually carry.

9 Hours, Normally $149 – discounted for Spring Fever to ONLY $99

PLEASE feel free to call and ask about this class if you need it – we offer it when requested.  If you have your AZ CWP, getting your UTAH CFP will add two states to your reciprocity list (adding MN and WA)  Call to schedule 928 855-5971.

If you also want to get your AZ CWP, we’ll help you properly fill out the APPLICATION, take your FINGERPRINTS, assemble the required documents, and even make sure you have the correct postage for your AZ CWP Permit to make sure it is perfect.  Let us know when signing up and upon receipt of your class fee deposit, we’ll furnish you with the appropriate AZ ARS Statutes via email (pre-class homework) which you will need for your CWP permit.  Adding AZ to your UTAH class is only an extra $25 added at class day.

Included in this class:

  • Ammo, guns, and equipment to shoot – if you have one, great and we recommend you bring it, but you are welcome to use ours and save that ammo stash for yourself! Value – $20.00
  • Concealed Carry and Home Defense book – a valuable and easy to get started book – value of $27.95. Available to our students for only $20.
  • Ear and Eye Protection – don’t go spend money on it if you aren’t committed, use ours! Value of eyes and ears – priceless
  • Very personalized instruction with our patient and professional staff to help you improve on the basics and fix some old habits that ruin your accuracy.
  • Upon graduation, the certificate of completion satisfied the UT BCI requirement for proof of handgun safety and proficiency (required if you decide to apply for your CFP permit).
  • The peace of mind knowing that you have learned something valuable, useful, and fun in a safe learning environment.