What do the Clients Say?

The following quotes are typical samples from some of our clients:

Very friendly and helpful – NOT intimidating.   Christina D.

I let my CWP expire and had to take another class.  Jim ROCKS concealed carry – I really wish I had him as an instructor when I took the class 6 years ago.  I had no idea how many things I thought I knew but that I had been committing misdemeanors by accident because of the bad info I learned before.  Thanks again and ALL of my friends will be referred to YOU.  Cathy R.
Jim at Apex was a great teacher in the ccw class we participated in today. I have a lot of experience with Firearms and I found that Jim taught us ne habits to learn.  I feel more educate, safer and knowledgeable about AZ state law and handling pistols after taking this course. Jim is very educated about firearms and the laws and makes the class enjoyable.  I highly recommend Apex.  Derek W.

Learning the rules of safety so I could be safe with family and friends – It was a great experience.  Thank you for good instruction.   Juan A.
My favorite part was learning what to say and not to say to police if I am ever involved in a shooting situation. Ben R.
My favorite part was the instructor’s professionalism while making the lessons easy and fun to learn.  It was an outstanding course and I look forward to the refresher class in 5 years.  Randy F.
Keep doing what you are doing, Carl C.
Safety!   Ted M.

Neat experience and I feel more comfortable firing a gun and never felt intimidated in class – an excellent class for women to take. Debra C.
Excellent instructor, Richard E.
My favorite part was the “hands on” training and consistent emphasis on safety. The repetition of the safety rules and learning how to operate my gun gives me confidence. Tommi E.
It was very informative and Jim is an excellent teacher with patience and kept it interesting – the day went by fast.   Susan M.
My favorite thing was the one on one instruction, Debra C.
The entire course was very informative – looking forward to continuing to Handgun 2, Allie P.
My favorite part of the class was going to the range and learning how to handle my firearm, Joy S.
My experience at Apex Arms was great!  I learned a lot about guns and gun safety.  The class was very informative. Thanks Apex Arms 🙂    Megan S.
Great individual instruction – I now feel comfortable with my 38 revolver and 20 guage shotgun! Thank you, Jim.  Nichole C. 

I was very happy with the class and learned a lot. Very knowledgeable and helpful.  Nancy S.
[My favorite part of the course was] the various exposure to a variety of different handguns at the range.  George A.

Awesome teacher – much improved my accuracy. Dave Q.
I learned how to hold my gun – it was all excellent.  Sam C.
I gained a wider range of awareness and how to be more aware of my surroundings and loved the interaction/discussion through the class.  Shelly R. 
I found out how to correct some bad habits, Carl C.
My favorite part was the instructors’ real world knowledge – great ‘hands on’ instruction, Tyler T.
I liked the details about rules and laws – very informative and I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone, Craig S.
My favorite part of the class was the “hands on” teaching, Steve P.
Very knowledgeable instructor and I loved going to the range. Excellent course and I recommend it – thank you. Kristine P.
The whole class experience was knowledgeable and exciting – I wish the class was longer.  My favorite part was learning how to safely shoot different types of guns.  Barbara M.
I have a lot of experience with guns, but my favorite part of the class was the shooting tips and that it was NOT boring – very interesting day in and out of the classroom. Tony M.
I learned things I never thought I would. Brian B.
I took a class from a competitor and didn’t feel like I got what I needed.  I should have come to Apex first – thanks for clearing up so many things that were incorrect in the other class.  Wendell B.
Been around guns a long time but nobody taught me about trigger reset – thanks! Dennis G.
My favorite part was the range and shooting safety. Vicki G.
I enjoyed the entire program. The participation of gun safety at the range and hands on experience drove the point home regarding handling a gun safely.  Michael B.
My favorite part of the class was how I was treated – thank you for being so awesome, Apex and thanks for letting me shoot so many different guns.  Bobbie B.
I was intimidated about guns before the class.  Thank you for helping me be able to overcome my fear of first time shooting.  I feel much better about guns now.  Natalie M.
I enjoyed the class and the details of the laws – thanks Jim.  Derek W.
I enjoyed the class because it was easy going and not stressful.  Michael B.
My favorite part was learning how the laws work with concealed carry – it was awesome being your student again. Robert H. (former high school student of mine)
Great class – very enjoyable.  Ryan B.
My favorite part was learning new things about gun safety – good job Apex. Stephanie W.
The instructor was very understanding – I want to take CPR/1st Aid next.  Lauren H.

I really liked that I could ask questions and handle a gun to learn hands on, since I don’t own a gun yet. Amanda C.
My favorite part of the class was the style of open discussion – it was great and I learned a lot.  Brad D.
There was no bravado or typical gun talk so often encountered in gun circles – very down to earth and humble. Covered all the necessary topics and beyond. Josh N.
What a great class – well worth the money and time.  Josh N.

Great class – now I can feel safe and confident around guns and I can tell my husband why he is not as safe as he thinks he is.  Laura G. (I would not recommend that – just invite him to a class!!!
My favorite part was that the instructor was very helpful and not intimidating. Mary H.
The class presentation was great – don’t change anything.  Jason J.
My favorite part was how to learn how to not look like easy prey by becoming alert and aware of my surroundings. Very informative and I really feel like I have a better understanding of how to carry a firearm.  Shera J.
This class could save your life. Jason H.
Jim is such a dynamic instructor you will leave having learned a few things even if you think you know guns.  Laura P.