I am regularly astounded at the number for times I hear, “That is too much gun for  MY  wife.”

I am equally thrilled when at the end of a range session with a variety of guns I hear from said wives, “That one is my favorite.”

(I have yet to have any student pick the superlight 38 snubbie.)

Now look at the pictures… (click on it)

Notice anything interesting?

Lemmie give you macho-know-it-all men a hint.  They are all holding onto full-sized guns!!!  And having fun!!!

In classes with beginners, we shoot a variety of guns and send a bunch of 22LR, 38 special and 9mm downrange from guns such as 1911’s, full/mid/compact/sub-compact striker fired guns, and revolvers ranging from 6″/2″/and carbon fiber 2″ ultralights. Plus the guns of the other students – usually a .380 compact and maybe a double action semi-auto as well.

Guess what, guys?

It turns out our women LOVE to shoot!!!

Especially when they learn that the recoil from that superlight, nano-material, 357 magnum bone-shaker you got them for Christmas is not typical of all guns.

Solution?  Buy her another gun.  Or, better yet, encourage her to buy her own – after she learns how to shoot.  Perhaps in the similar style she likes on in the full size version.

Trust me, guys.  She will want to go practice with you if she has an enjoyable time with less recoil.  With a gun with a longer sight radius.  And cheaper ammo.  Etc.  Etc.

Allow me a personal example.  My wife enjoys carrying the carbon Ruger LCR because it is small, lightweight, snagfree and simple.  She enjoys shooting the 6″ steel S&W revolver.  (She says I am not allowed to sell either without her expressed permission.)

Another, if you don’t mind.  My wife took the 4-day handgun class at Front Sight.  900 rounds with a Springfield XD 9mm in  5″ (full size).  She wanted to take the XD Sub-compact because she felt like it “fit her hand” better (that was before she went to the class).

When she came back she had learned how to shoot and now can shoot any gun she picks up – regardless of its size.

What does all this mean to us guys?  It means, they know we love them and want to protect them.  And that we want them to be able to protect themselves when we can’t be there.

Let them learn.  Let them experience different guns, gun types, and calibers.  Then let them pick out their own guns.
Don’t be surprised if, a) they pick a large one for practice and a smaller one for carry, b) it turns out they like colorful guns (not always pink!!!) and c) they outshoot you.

See you on the range.

Cheap, shameless Apex Arms plug here.  There are three things a man should never (attempt to) teach his wife1) how to drive, 2) how to golf, and 3) how to shoot.  Let us take care of it for you.  All Apex Arms staff are NRA Certified as well as regular, gun carrying people.  It is what we do.  We are gunists.  We even have gun bumper stickers on our cars.  We care that you both get a quality learning experience even if you and she have differing levels of gun experience.  We can book private, couples, family, and groups on any calendar day you prefer, so call us when you are ready.

And, psst – it will make you proud when she can clear a Type 3 malfunction faster than you – I promise.