Wow.  What a great day I had yesterday!

I had the honor of teaching two people how to shoot better – and how satisfying it was.

Scott and Tamara are like many other couples in one way.  He has been around guns for a long time and she, well, not as much, but has a nifty little Berretta and they have regularly visited the range and both have taken a CWP class in the past.  So she has the requisite minimum but knew she had no real instruction on how to use her gun.

But, Scott has been dreaming of going to get some more intense training at Front Sight (4 days!!!) and she is going with him, but was a bit apprehensive about what to expect.

When I asked her how he talked her into going, she said, “He had me at ‘Vegas afterwards for a spa day.’”

So for a couple weeks, the reserves have been made and Scott was getting more and more excited, Tamara was … less excited, but looking forward to the spa day (reward) afterwards in “Vegas, baby!”

Scott knows I am on the instructional staff at Front Sight and asked me to spend some time with the two of them in a private shooting session to give Tamara a ‘head start’ if you will so she would not be as nervous.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999“] “This is your last shot.  Your life depends on hitting that little, tiny square.  So, here.  Make this shot count and DRILL THE CENTER.” [/quote]

So, yesterday we chatted in the classroom about what they can expect and then we headed to the range.

And then the fun began.

They were safe on the range and demonstrated the skills most have.  Tamara could hit the vital section of the dirtbag sized target area and Scott was doing well.  But they both knew that in a real life situation they would not be able to shoot so well.  Both were inconsistent with the fundamentals and I reassured them that the four days of Front Sight would easily iron out the wrinkles in their form.

Tamara needed some instruction on the fundamentals that the Grandpas, Dads, husbands and boyfriends (love them but sorry, it’s true) don’t know how to teach.

After a little bit of this she started drilling the target where she wanted.

When she hunted down and zeroed in on the little triangle in the “A” inside a 3” box, she placed her shots (there are 3 holes in that A – see pic).  Talk about a pep talk – nothing increases confidence like hitting what you want!!!

The last shot of the day was spectacular in every way.

Scott hit the inside of the 1” black square and was quite proud of it – as well he should.  It is a hard shot.

Not to be outdone, I encouraged Tamara to take the last round in her ammo supply, and do better.
To build it up a bit more I said, while presenting the last cartridge to her ceremoniously, “This is your last shot.  Your life depends on hitting that little, tiny square.  So, here.  Make this shot count and DRILL THE CENTER.”

She visibly gasped, loaded it in her magazine, took precise aim and … BANG.

One last shot and wow – she could not have hit it any more in the center!

Hi fives all around, fist bumps, proud as heck boyfriend, smiles, and an instructor proud to help.

Tamara is looking forward to Front Sight more than ever now.

Scott did the right thing – he knew the right time to not push too hard and let a pro help him out by taking over the instruction.  I feel honored that he let me.  And, dirtbags – don’t mess with Tamara, she is learning how to use her gun.  Real Classroom + Real Curriculum + Real Rangetime = Real Confidence.