I have had students approach me after classes and ask if I handle my gun in the same “ultra-safe” manner when no one is watching.
I think it intrigues them because many times people comment on it as to how it looks exaggerated or fake to them.  I remind them that yes, I do these things EVERYTIME I handle a gun and that while it may look fake to them it may appear this way because they have not seen a gun handled properly before – most people’s education of gun handling is from TV and movies.
Let’s face it, when we do things over and over and over again it is really easy to allow complacency to sneak in.  We do it all the time while driving, cutting veggies, etc.  Who among us has never caught themselves not paying the right amount of attention while driving or making a salad?

I bring this up because lately the training community is riddled with ‘oopses’ all over the place.
I can share stories of people that work in other schools or other ranges that have horrible stories shooting their own hands, the floor and/or the ceiling.  You tube is full of videos of instructors (so called) who torched off a round inside a classroom… or worse.  Generally speaking, once word gets around, it is hard to convince newcomers to attend your classes after that.
Apex Arms and all of our affiliated staff are dedicated to the highest safety standards and go to great lengths to make our classroom and ranges as safe as possible.

“Apex Arms and all of our affiliated staff are dedicated to the highest safety standards and go to great lengths to make our classroom and ranges as safe as possible.”
And yes, we chamber check and magazine check EVERY single gun EVERYTIME we pick one up.  The four universal safety rules are so important to us they are on the back of the business cards!  We feel that the best safeguard possible is to demonstrate the best practices as often as possible to our students.
If you do something the same way 1,000 times in a row, what are the odds you will do it the next time exactly the same way?  Nearly 100%, right?  We apply the same method to all gun handling – in our opinion it is the safest method and we do our best with the short time we have together in a class to impart that philosophy to our clients.
Stay safe and see you on the range.
PS – Some of the best practices we incorporate in classes include:

NO AMMO is allowed in the training room.  This means all ammo must be cleared out BEFORE any gun handling occurs.
We painstakingly follow the 4 safety rules even though we know the guns are NOT loaded.
We only handle one firearm at a time.
We never trust that a student “already knows” how to handle a firearm.  It sounds terrible, but we will not allow anyone to handle a gun that we are not able to watch 100% of the time and we are ready to step in and prevent any rule violations.
We never ask a student to do something that we are not confident that they can handle and we are not afraid to back off and allow the student to say, ‘thanks, but I would like to slow it down further.’  Their safety is our number one priority.

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