We started teaching AZ and Utah CWP (Concelaed Weapons Permit) classes way back in 2011 and it is time for an update.

In this time we have helped more than 1,200 people get their CWP’s and learn to shoot better.  Over this time we are proud to say that our classes are the most content full, safe, and up to date classes available.  Our clients appreciate the fact that this is what we do at Apex Arms.  We do not have a big retail store and ‘also do some classes.’  We aren’t some travelling road show doing motel room ‘coffee and donuts’ classes and then leave.  We are here to stay and support our clientele with ongoing education and we take your safety and gun knowledge seriously as we feel it is a terrific responsibility.

Now that we have so many clients out there who are in that “renewal” period (AZ CWP is good for 5 years), we would like to invite all of our previous clients the opportunity to attend ANY scheduled CWP class as a refresher for FREE.

We just want you to stay vigilant, knowledgeable, and up to date.

You may also appreciate the updated format and curriculum changes we have made to improve the class since the last time you took your class.

All we ask is that you put a $10 bill (or more) in the Search and Rescue Map Jar as a donation to that fine Sheriff’s Office organization.

We like to think of this as our opportunity to serve you, our valued clients, in an ongoing learning experience.

“Apex Arms and all of our affiliated staff are dedicated to the highest safety standards and go to great lengths to make our classroom and ranges as safe as possible.”

Stay safe and we will see you on the range.

Don’t just own a gun – KNOW how to use it.

ApexArmsAz.com  Real Classroom + Real Curriculum + Real Rangetime = Real Confidence.