Recommended Links

In nearly every class and in my daily travels, I find myself referring to several links for my clients as well as newsletter subscribers.  We believe that knowledge is power and access to good resource material is important.  Please check this section often as we expect it to grow frequently.

AZ DPS site for all things Arizona CCW they are very helpful and available via phone.

CCW RECIPROCITY MAP – An easy to use interactive map for reciprocity and CCW is at

NRA – The most influential firearms lobby in America

NSSF – A terrific resource for lots of gun stuff at

Lake Havasu Sportsman Club at

CPR and 1st Aid Training – email Rich at

Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network at

Self-Defense Shield – A subscription gets you access to their past issues online as well..

Honest gun magazine that does NOT carry advertising and has honest reviews. A subscription gets you access to their past issues online as well.

Interactive dry-fire drills, this is fun (as long as you are unloaded).

AZ Citizen Defense League – An enormous additional resorce with lots of links in their resourse pages and always up-to-date info on gun issues in the state Legislature.

Attention Women!!! Check this site – it is awesome.  Silly men, guns are for women too!!!