Here we go again…

The state of NEVADA will NOT accept the UTAH CWP (CCW or CWP to us AZers) in January.

Regularly I encounter misinformation from competing CCW instructors that is outdated or simply wrong.  My only advice has been to be ‘buyer beware,’ and offer a discount to a class at Apex Arms.  Those that have taken advantage of this have expressed uniform thanks that I did so.  Today I heard another doosey…



1) The state of Utah BCI re-assured me this morning that they did NOT change their instruction requirements to include a shooting exam during this years legislative term.

2) The state of Nevada Department of Public Safety and the Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs Association have met this year and have also determined that since Nevada did NOT change their state law (which requires a shooting exam for a state to be included in their recognition/reciprocity list).  As such, Utah will be added to their list.

3) Any instructor who suggests that on or about January, 2015 anything otherwise is, in our humble opinion, grossly and inadequately prepared to teach anyone about such important issues as state laws.

This previous article goes into detail to the fact that it is a NV Felony, Class C to carry concealed in NV improperly.  Your UT will NOT work there until items 2 and 3 above are resolved, or, for at least the next year and a half minimum.  I suggest you look again at that link for other footnotes and links to the laws themselves.

I will offer the same deal but enhance it this way.  Anyone who has taken that instructor’s class EVER may take the full Concealed Carry CCW class from us at the same price they paid, or $69 – whichever is cheaper.  AND – I will refund 100% of your money back if you tell me at the end of the class that you did not learn much more and understand the laws better.

At Apex Arms, we feel honored that our clients choose to trust us to give them accurate, correct, and qualitative information about concealed carry and we take that responsibility seriously.  One of the reasons this blog exists is to give updates and changes to our clients as they come up – the last thing I want to have happen is to hear that one of my clients got stopped in Nevada for having a tail light out and wound up in jail with a felony charge against them.

by Jim Liesen, Apex Arms

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Certified Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer, NRA, USCCA Affiliate, NSSF, AZG&F Hunter Ed Instructor, AZ Firearms Instructor for Armed Security Guard, Utah Firearms Instructor and Front Sight Line Coach.

PS – This is just one example of a particular subject matter that is incorrect.  There are other topics that are problematic, e.g. brandishing a weapon, third party justification, defense of property justifications, etc.  More information about our Concealed Carry CWP class here.

PPS – I have 2 contacts in Las Vegas who will teach you your NV CCW class FREE OF CHARGE if you want to carry concealed in NV please don’t hesitate to call.