Technology and shooting!!!

Using LASR equipped Glocks and a computer program that runs you through various drills, times you, watches and records when and where you shot, includes split times, and even tracks your muzzle movement just prior to the shot(s), THIS TRAINING TOOL ROCKS!!!

For novice and experienced (and everyone in between), this indoor shooting simulating diagnostic is really something.  Imagine how much better you would have become as a shooter if you could learn how to do it with NO recoil and all of the post shot info?  Don’t worry, it is an amazing tune-up tool for you advanced folks too.

We have found that when our clients see where they pointed the muzzle they really begin to understand more about sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control and grip control while shooting.

And, it is really FUN!!!!!!

We book sessions on this trainer for 30 minute increments and base the sessions and drills on an interview with you about what you want to accomplish in order to tailor the session to your needs.

Feeling competitive?  We have 2 guns, so bring a friend and shoot side by side inside the same drill simutlaneously and let the (totally fair and objective computer) judge which of you is the better gunslinger.

No brass to pick up, no hearing protection to worry about, and oh yeah – it is INDOORS!

Call to book your slot at 928-855-5971.

Cost:    $25.  Loyalty card program – take 4 sessions and the 5th is FREE!

Call now to book 928-855-5971.  

NOTE:  This is not a concealed carry class or an NRA class – it is a range session.