I love scouring the gun media for neat and exciting new products.  The industry is made up of some really smart people with mechanical expertise and real gunist knowledge so it is always interesting.

Very rarely do I condemn or negatively review products – for me do that takes a serious safety or quality of construction concern.  Instead of trashing a product there is usually a better one to steer someone towards.




Those who know me also may know I have a client that used the Versa-carry with his Glock.

He had three mysterious ‘trigger trips’ while using this holster.  He abided by the manufacturer’s instructions and did not carry with a loaded chamber.  Neither of us could figure out if the first tripping was made prior to his mounting the gun to this device, but he is quite sure that on the second two times it was the fabric and folds of his clothing that did it.

That was enough for me to recommend to my clients that this holster was NOT for them.

This article reviews this device and adds several more concerns to my original concern…  http://concealednation.org/2014/07/serious-concerns-about-the-versacarry-holster/?utm_content=bufferc8367&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer

I really hope the company evolves this device into something I can recommend, but until at least a generation three is invented I have to say, two thumbs down – way down.

Remember – a CCW holster (in Apex Arms’ humble and informed opinion) has a handful of basic REQUIREMENTS: 1) It MUST fit the gun. 2) It must RETAIN the gun while you shake it violently upside down. 3) The trigger must be completely PROTECTED. 4) It must also COVER the length of the muzzle (if not the gun may be pushed up accidentally and cancel out #2 and #3 above – there are very rare circumstances that change this rule).

Remember, if you have made the very serious decision to carry a gun for self-defense, you need to address this issue with whatever method of carry you decide on.  There are pros and cons for each holster and every method of carry.

That’s just another reason to research your ideas with someone OTHER than the average gun magazines – most are business to sell ads and can be misleading at best, burn a new hole down your leg at worst.

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