I suggest a reverse boycott for 1 month.

Yep, a reverse boycott.

I know all you gunists out there cringe every time we are stuck being forced to make a values decision every time we see that discriminatory sign with the gun and a red circle…

Do we continue through this doorway and do business with someone who is anti-civil rights or do I go somewhere else?

I know, we all say something to our friends and whine about it and some of us even write letters, but I suggest we add something to this.  I have been doing this and I feel much more effective – like a double economic pro-gun-civil-rights whammy.

I suggest we all pledge to do the following for one month, until Independence Day, July 4th, 2014:

SEEK out and do business with those who openly support gun rights, and

TELL management and corporate if appropriate, that you are there specifically because they are pro-civil rights and/or gun rights or not anti-rights.  And, that you will pass the word to your gunist friends.

THANK them for being rational and well educated about gun rights, unlike their competition which makes knee-jerk irrational and discriminatory decisions which you no longer do business with unless you are forced to do so.

POST a FB post that you did it.  Here, on your wall, and on your friends wall.
I have been doing this by supporting those I want to see succeed and at the same time no longer supporting the coffers of those who oppose me on a fundamental issue.  What matters is that they begin to understand that there are a lot more of us and we are the normal ones, rather than the loud few who are actively campaigning against our personal rights and have an ignorant media helping them.

Double economic whammy while spreading the news of civil rights – what is more independent than that?

by Jim Liesen, Apex Arms

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