Calling ALL Retired LEO!

We know how much of a pain it is to travel all the way back (annually) to your old agency to qualify to retain your HR218.

To say thank you for your service, Apex Arms will be glad to take you to the range and proxy your annual qualification at our cost.

We know that EVERY AGENCY is different and has unique policies, so to get this done, we must:

1) Get in touch with your agency and find out if they will allow us to proxy the test.  Let them know we are NRA Range Safety Officer qualified as well as Pistol Instructor certified and we also annually qualify POST in AZ – also that we do this range thing for a living and not some garage biz deal. We can also send them a resume of qualifications if necessary explaining that the states of NV, AZ and UT also let us certify CWP, security guards, etc.)

2) Find out what their scoring target standard and shot list/par times are for this – it is most very likely NOT the same as your qualification when you were on the job.

3) Get ahold of the agency sign off sheet for us to certify you.

4) Call to book and appointment at 928-855-5971.

5) Save a ton of travel time and expense!

Cost:  $49 per qualification. (You have served for us, so we make it as inexpensive as possible to say thanks.)