We know your time is valuable, so we have packed as much as we can into our introductory handgun class.  Even if you already know how to shoot or if you are new to defensive handguns, this class is unlike any other in western Arizona.

This class looks at handling a handgun from the perspective of personal defense and concealed carry and concentrates on the reality of actually carrying of a gun on a regular basis and is taught by NRA certified instructors who actually carry.  Daily.  This class is also used as an intro to Front Sight for those who are a bit apprehensive about jumping in too fast into their excellent 4-day class.

This class is a pre-requisite for intermediate and advanced classes at Apex Arms.

5 Hours, $99.

200 – 240 rounds of ammo. 

If you don’t have a gun yet, we can provide the ammo ($50), equipment and gun ($25) for you for only $75.

PLEASE feel free to call and ask about an updated schedule for classes added to the calendar.  We offer several classes per month and are also available on various pre-arranged days for individuals, groups, and custom training on YOUR schedule.  Please call to ask when we have our monthly classes and or if we are available when YOU are.  928 855-5971.

Topics covered in this class include:

  • Gun ownership in today’s America and the Universal Safety Rules.
  • Basic firearm mechanics – how they work, and safety inspection of your firearm.
  • Gun types, defense ammunition, essential equipment tailored to your needs (we don’t sell it, so we tell you what you need to know – not what they want to sell you).  Also, ask us about accessories, holsters, purses, safes, etc.
  • Shooting fundamentals – including the single biggest secret in shooting accuracy and dad, grandpa, nor your gun buddy down the street never taught you.
  • Range safety and etiquette.
  • Hands on Dry Practice Exercises and Drills to help you get better, safely, and without wasting ammo ($$$) on your own time.

Discussion items include:

  • Accidents vs. Negligence, liability and responsibility.
  • Threat assessment, personal awareness, household safety, and preparedness planning.
  • Defensive marksmanship vs. target shooting.
  • Comfortable and safe methods of carrying concealed.

This class (BY ITSELF) does NOT qualify for the AZ Concealed Carry of Weapons Permit, without additional classtime.

We urge our clients to think about taking our Concealed Carry Permit class along with Handgun 1 to get the most information packed 10 hours of instruction available ANYWHERE along the Colorado river. 

Call 928-855-5971 to book your class NOW!