This 5 1/2 hour CCW (Concealed Weapons Permit) and refresher course is for those who already have pistol and self defense experience, but need to know the laws and how they affect you.  It is taught by local, insured, experienced, NRA certified instructors.

It is classroom ONLY with NO live fire and includes the applications and fingerprinting ($30 if done separately) required to obtain the AZ CWP.

This is the most content rich class in the area! Do NOT mess around with quickie classes that do not take your knowledge seriously – we are talking about guns and legal issues here!!!

This vital and info-rich class features in-depth discussions about current laws, ethics, and current issues surrounding concealed carry.  Discussions regarding when you can and cannot use your firearm as well as when you should or should not use it are a major portion of the class.  Updates on and changes to watch for in AZ as well as nearby states are discussed as well, including the 5 important reasons why you need your AZ CWP.

After you book your appointment, we’ll furnish you with the appropriate AZ ARS Statutes via email (pre-class reading) in accordance with state law and sign you up for our newsletter – a valuable and always up to date resource to keep you up on the latest concealed carry news.

Students are encouraged to bring their EMTPY carry weapon for dry-fire practice tips and diagnostics because we want to tune you up a bit and make you a better shooter.

5 1/2 hours, classroom only – ask about our generous discounts when you bring your friends. 

$99 per student. A shooting lesson at the range is included and is absolutely optional. We strongly urge you to take advantage of the range time which we will schedule at the end of the classtime or (seasonally) another morning. This stretched this class into about 8 hours total.

Call NOW to book your class at 928-855-5971

This class includes fingerprinting, application forms, classtime, rangetime and ammo – no gun rental fees, equipment fees, hidden fees, etc.  AFTER your class, you will need to purchase a money order for the state of AZ – other than that, this is an ALL IN price.