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All Classes are NOT the Same!!!


All Classes are NOT the Same – Buyer BEWARE! Once again, it happened. I was enjoying a dinner party where two gentlemen sitting at the same table began a lively conversation about the concealed carry class they had taken recently. The ‘instructor’ was touted as “experienced” and “knowledgeable,” by them – of course their only frame [...]

All Classes are NOT the Same!!!2017-03-09T19:09:41-07:00

First Gun for Her – Merry Christmas!


With the Christmas shopping season coming I want to relay an important message to men who wish to buy their loved ones their first firearm. In nearly every class I teach I encounter the same problem – women show up with a very small handgun which was either bought for them by a loving spouse/friend/etc or [...]

First Gun for Her – Merry Christmas!2017-03-09T19:10:30-07:00

What About Legal Pot and Guns?


Gun Owners and the Legal Use of Marijuana UPDATED 11-2-2014 I just found and read this document, which was published in January of 2014 from the Congressional Research Service.  I strongly urge gun owners who are contemplating the medical pot card read this document, particularly PAGES 28 AND 29!!!  The ATFE has determined that IF you [...]

What About Legal Pot and Guns?2017-03-09T18:52:59-07:00