Wasp Spray Alternative? NO!!!


If you wonder where my topics come from, they are usually inspired by a conversation or three.  First time I take note, second one I take notes, and the third time - that's the charm. I believe the "Wasp Spray Alternative" theory (myth) has made it completely around the internet, suggesting to billions that using this [...]

Wasp Spray Alternative? NO!!!2017-03-09T19:00:00-07:00

Innovation Is not Always Good


I love scouring the gun media for neat and exciting new products.  The industry is made up of some really smart people with mechanical expertise and real gunist knowledge so it is always interesting. Very rarely do I condemn or negatively review products - for me do that takes a serious safety or quality of construction concern.  Instead of [...]

Innovation Is not Always Good2017-03-09T18:58:31-07:00

Silly Boys – Compacts are for Purses


I am regularly astounded at the number for times I hear, "That is too much gun for  MY  wife." I am equally thrilled when at the end of a range session with a variety of guns I hear from said wives, "That one is my favorite." (I have yet to have any student pick the superlight [...]

Silly Boys – Compacts are for Purses2017-03-09T18:57:44-07:00

I suggest a REVERSE Boycott


I suggest a reverse boycott for 1 month. Yep, a reverse boycott. I know all you gunists out there cringe every time we are stuck being forced to make a values decision every time we see that discriminatory sign with the gun and a red circle… Do we continue through this doorway and do business with [...]

I suggest a REVERSE Boycott2017-03-09T18:55:50-07:00

CWP News Flash – It Happened Again


Well it happened again and frankly I am getting tired of it. Another (new) client of mine who spent hard-earned money and invested a few hours of his Saturday morning attending a 'back of the barroom coffee & donuts' CCW class - and got bad info. He learned things which are factually untrue and ... he [...]

CWP News Flash – It Happened Again2017-03-09T18:56:10-07:00

Why get a CWP if I can carry concealed in AZ without a permit?


Why on Earth would I want to get a CWP (and have my name attached to a database as a "gun" person) if it is already legal to carry concealed in AZ?!?!?! Here are 5 important and quick reasons (NOT in any particular order): 1 - You can carry in 35 STATES when you travel. 2 [...]

Why get a CWP if I can carry concealed in AZ without a permit?2017-03-09T18:54:06-07:00
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