Concealed Carry Permit (CCW)


This 5 1/2 hour CCW (Concealed Weapons Permit) and refresher course is for those who already have pistol and self defense experience, but need to know the laws and how they affect you.  It is taught by local, insured, experienced, NRA certified instructors. It is classroom ONLY with NO live fire and includes the applications and fingerprinting ($30 [...]

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AR-15 Intro to America’s Favorite Rifle


The AR-15 has become the most popular shooting platform in the USA and there are lots of great reasons why - BUT it is a bit different than dad's old bolt action hunting gun and it can be intimidating to the new AR-15 owner. We started this class to help people learn how to SAFELY AND CORRECTLY [...]

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Handgun 1


We know your time is valuable, so we have packed as much as we can into our introductory handgun class.  Even if you already know how to shoot or if you are new to defensive handguns, this class is unlike any other in western Arizona. This class looks at handling a handgun from the perspective of [...]

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LEOSA HR218 Range Qualification


Calling ALL Retired LEO! We know how much of a pain it is to travel all the way back (annually) to your old agency to qualify to retain your HR218. To say thank you for your service, Apex Arms will be glad to take you to the range and proxy your annual qualification at our cost. [...]

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Let’s Shoot!!! Range Practice!!!


We decided that sometimes getting to the range is the hardest part of regular practice.  So let's set the date and get practicing! Apex Arms will provide an NRA certified Range Safety Officer to safely call/run the range and targets. WE will offer technical advice if you want, but this is primarily a chance for you [...]

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Defensive Handgun 2


After the initial class, many of our clients are realizing that while they learned a lot, it was only the beginning!  Our LEVEL 2 class is for extending the techniques introduced in the Handgun 1 and now they want to learn how to perform at the next level.  This class delves deeper into real-world carry techniques that [...]

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LASR Indoor Diagnostic Simulator


Technology and shooting!!! Using LASR equipped Glocks and a computer program that runs you through various drills, times you, watches and records when and where you shot, includes split times, and even tracks your muzzle movement just prior to the shot(s), THIS TRAINING TOOL ROCKS!!! For novice and experienced (and everyone in between), this indoor shooting simulating [...]

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Shooting Fundamentals


We started this class to help people learn how to SAFELY LEARN HOW TO HANDLE A VARIETY OF OUR GUNS (AUTOS AND REVOLVERS) IN VARIOUS SIZES BEFORE THEY BUY A GUN OR LEARN HOW TO OPERATE THEIR OWN NEW GUN. We know most people never crack open their owner’s manual and when they do they are many [...]

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Private One on One, Couples, Families or Groups


This is for those with difficult schedules or just want the specific PERSONAL ATTENTION AND PRIVACY from the most experienced firearms trainer in the area. Any of our class curriculums can be taught at your private convenience.  We schedule days for these appointments and they are on a first reserved, first served basis. If you have relatives, friends, [...]

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AZ POST Pre-qual Tune-Up


TUNE-UP for first responders.  We know the pressure (WE qualify AZPOST too!!!).  We also still have our file of all 50 states' different qualification courses of fire used by various agencies. We find that this is best if done individually or in small groups on a day that works for your schedule.  Feel free to call [...]

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