Safety and Complacency

I have had students approach me after classes and ask if I handle my gun in the same “ultra-safe” manner when no one is watching. I think it intrigues them because many times people comment on it as to how it looks exaggerated or fake to them.  I remind them that yes, I do these things EVERYTIME I handle a [...]

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Scott and Tamara – A (gun) love story

Wow.  What a great day I had yesterday! I had the honor of teaching two people how to shoot better – and how satisfying it was. Scott and Tamara are like many other couples in one way.  He has been around guns for a long time and she, well, not as much, but has a nifty little Berretta and they [...]

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What About Legal Pot and Guns?

Gun Owners and the Legal Use of Marijuana UPDATED 11-2-2014 I just found and read this document, which was published in January of 2014 from the Congressional Research Service.  I strongly urge gun owners who are contemplating the medical pot card read this document, particularly PAGES 28 AND 29!!!  The ATFE has determined that IF you have the pot card [...]

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Speed and Accuracy Drills

I am frequently asked what I do when I go to the range to practice? In these days of less time and even less money for things like practice and ammo, my personal rangetime is precious to me.  And ammo?  Well, if you have been a gun person for a while - you probably value ammo beyond the $0.20 or [...]

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Range Safety Standards

I was asked what we do at Apex Arms to make our classes safe for the students and staff. It is a great question because other than word of mouth advertising it is hard to know how good or safe an instructor actually is until you see them in action. At Apex Arms we employ multiple methods to maximize safety [...]

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Ignorant Media = Ignorant Masses

All week long I have been resisting the urge to finalize my opinion in the tragic shooting in St. Louis, Missouri.  I just don't have enough information - accurate information, yet.  As a student of things gun, hence the term gunist to describe myself, I am acutely aware that the opinions of what I will refer to as the "masses" are largely ignorant [...]

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