This is NOT a coffee and donuts cash-for-a-cert seminar in some motel!  It is a real class, in a real classroom, with lots of content, and actual range time.  It is the full 2-day (or more if scheduled accordingly), 16 hour course as prescribed by AZ DPS, but we have added some things which make this class unique.

As armed security personnel, you will have to be aware of the latest techniques as they evolve in areas such as active shooter scenarios, etc.  We have added information to the curriculum to give you an edge above the competition.

16 Hours, Normally $249 – discounted for Spring Fever to ONLY $224

PLEASE feel free to call and ask about this class if you need it – we offer it as requested.    Call to schedule 928 855-5971.

If you also want to get your AZ CCW, we’ll help you properly fill out the APPLICATION, take your FINGERPRINTS, assemble the required documents, and even make sure you have the correct postage for your AZ CCW Permit to make sure it is perfect.  Let us know when signing up and upon receipt of your class fee deposit, we’ll furnish you with the appropriate AZ ARS Statutes via email (pre-class homework) which you will need for your CCW permit.  Adding AZ to your armed guard class is only an extra $25.

Included in this class:

  • Ear and Eye Protection – don’t go spend money on it if you aren’t committed, use ours! Value of eyes and ears – priceless
  • Very personalized instruction with our patient and professional staff to help you improve on the basics and fix some old habits that ruin your accuracy.