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Shooting Fundamentals


We started this class to help people learn how to SAFELY LEARN HOW TO HANDLE A VARIETY OF OUR GUNS (AUTOS AND REVOLVERS) IN VARIOUS SIZES BEFORE THEY BUY A GUN OR LEARN HOW TO OPERATE THEIR OWN NEW GUN. We know most people never crack open their owner’s manual and when they do they are many [...]

Shooting Fundamentals2021-08-19T10:57:12-07:00

Private One on One, Couples, Families or Groups


This is for those with difficult schedules or just want the specific PERSONAL ATTENTION AND PRIVACY from the most experienced firearms trainer in the area. Any of our class curriculums can be taught at your private convenience.  We schedule days for these appointments and they are on a first reserved, first served basis. If you have relatives, friends, [...]

Private One on One, Couples, Families or Groups2017-04-06T07:44:43-07:00

AZ POST Pre-qual Tune-Up


TUNE-UP for first responders.  We know the pressure (WE qualify AZPOST too!!!).  We also still have our file of all 50 states' different qualification courses of fire used by various agencies. We find that this is best if done individually or in small groups on a day that works for your schedule.  Feel free to call [...]

AZ POST Pre-qual Tune-Up2019-06-17T12:25:04-07:00

AZ Armed Security Guard


This is NOT a coffee and donuts cash-for-a-cert seminar in some motel!  It is a real class, in a real classroom, with lots of content, and actual range time.  It is the full 2-day (or more if scheduled accordingly), 16 hour course as prescribed by AZ DPS, but we have added some things which make this [...]

AZ Armed Security Guard2017-04-06T07:32:32-07:00

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP)


This is NOT a coffee and donuts cash-for-a-cert seminar in some motel!  It is a real class, in a real classroom, with lots of content, and actual range time.  If you already know how to shoot or if you are new to defensive handguns, this class is unlike any other in western Arizona. This class combines [...]

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP)2017-04-06T07:32:17-07:00

Heartsaver First Aid and CPR/AED


The American Heart Association class for anyone who needs the certification for work or the knowledge that may help save a life. Classes can be booked here or by calling direct at 928-854-8745. Heartsaver®  CPR AED is a classroom, video-based, instructor-led course that teaches adult CPR and AED use, as well as how to relieve choking [...]

Heartsaver First Aid and CPR/AED2017-04-06T07:31:50-07:00

AR-15 Review of RTT Patriot


So after having owned several AR-15’s over the years I have had a wonderful experience recently. I wound up recalling the confusion of being a ‘first time AR buyer’ and not having a clue which of the myriad makes, models, manufacturers, prices, quality builds vs. junky rattletraps, etc. In the processes of starting to offer AR-15 [...]

AR-15 Review of RTT Patriot2017-03-09T19:06:59-07:00
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