The AR-15 has become the most popular shooting platform in the USA and there are lots of great reasons why – BUT it is a bit different than dad’s old bolt action hunting gun and it can be intimidating to the new AR-15 owner.

We started this class to help people learn how to SAFELY AND CORRECTLY OPERATE THEIR NEW AR-15.

Bring your own AR-15 or use one of our RTT Firearms models.  If you are thinking about buying your first AR-15, there is no better chance to handle a variety of AR-15’s than to shoot our variety of range guns to help your decision making process.

At Apex, we work with you and your new AR-15, and help you understand how it works, how to handle it safely, and how to take it apart for cleaning (field strip).  After a PERSONALIZED session with your new AR-15 we shoot it too – just to make sure everything works as planned.

Cost:    $79.  Bring a friend for $20 more. 

Call now to book 928-855-5971.  

Bring:  Your AR-15, accessories you may have i.e. cleaning kit, spare magazines, eye and ear protection, 40-80 rounds of ammo, a hat and closed-toe shoes, and a great attitude. (We can supply ammo at market prices.)

NOTE:  This is not an advanced rifle class.  It is designed to help people new to the AR-15 rifle system learn the basics of its operation with a certified instructor at the students’ level with their new AR-15.  This class can be combined with other classes such as Concealed Carry for a deeper learning experience.

Combine this class with the other two (Concealed Carry Permit and/or Renewal and Shooting Fundamentals) and SAVE $39 if booked together, ONLY $149 for ALL THREE for a limited time.

These are normally $208 if booked separately.

Our hope is that with a couple hour range session, the fear of the unknown, the fear of learning from ‘loved ones’ or sometimes worse – ‘range experts’ can all be overcome with safety and confidence.  Most of our clients who take this course later come back for our Concealed Carry (CWP), Shooting Fundamentals, and Handgun 1 Courses.